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SATERN is handling Health and Welfare Traffic into Recent Disaster Areas, Click here to find out about Friends and Relatives also check into the Massachusetts SATERN Net Friday Evenings on 145.23 PL 88.5  at 2100hrs local time for updates

The purpose of The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) is to train and acquire personnel skilled in emergency communications and message handling, who will support The Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster situations Our fervent hope and prayer is that our congregate service may indeed help mitigate the trauma and impede the potential widespread tragedy that is implicit in disaster.

Chelsea, MA May 19, 1998 SATERN members respond to a nine alarm fire to restore Salvation Army Disaster Communications and ad a communications link with other agencies at the incident< L to R Renato Donadio (N1XBR), Mike Kass (N1YER),Major Robert Klenk (KC2BPA), Dick Doherty (KA1TUZ) >

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